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The Japanese ad for the new digivices has been released! 

Preorders start August 1 and end September 30. They can be bought for 9990 yen here.

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It’s really difficult to pick a favorite character in Digimon, but Matt was always at the top for me. He may not have been the leader, but he always put the others first, especially his brother. Each of the digi-destined had their faults, but that’s what made them so human. Matt wasn’t perfect; he struggled with his inner demons, but he came out of it. He fought beside his friends and against them, that only made their bonds stronger. He wasn’t afraid to throw a punch and fight for what he believed in. As a child, I really admired Matt. Now, 15 years later, I get to “be” my role model through cosplay.

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Its that time of the year again

Digimon Adventure Group-  (Takeshi)

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Reminder for Digimon fans: Niconico will live broadcast the Digimon Adventure 15th Anniversary Event tomorrow morning from Odaiba at 5:30 a.m. ET (18:30 Japan time).

Bandai is preparing both English and Japanese streams, though I’m not sure if there will be an actual English translation given that is live:

English // Japanese (region locked)

There will be a screening of the Digimon Adventure: Our War Game movie (exclusive to the Japan stream), a special performance of theme song “Butter-Fly” by Koji Wada, and hopefully a surprise or two. (x)

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Kyodai jidan by Lonelywalker


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Digimon All-Star Rumble, a multi-player arena battle game, has been announced for the PS3 and Xbox 360 and is coming out this Fall!

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Attention Digi-fans!

There are few fan bases as passionate as Digimon’s. The fans’ campaigns haven’t gone unnoticed, and we’re truly amazed by the amount of support they continuously show to their favorite series. We couldn’t be more thankful. We’re very excited to announce today DIGIMON All-Star Rumble! We hope fans will enjoy this brand new adventure in the Digital World, sure to be highly nostalgic and full of familiar faces like Agumon, Gabumon and many others.

In DIGIMON All-Star Rumble the Digital World enjoys a time of restored peace after overcoming numerous wars and crises. However, Digimon must battle to Digivolve, so the restless Digimon propose to hold their first ever “Digimon Evolution Tournament” to determine who is the strongest of them all. In the vivaciously competitive tournament, up to four players will be able to select from a roster of 12 popular base Digimon characters and play as a total of 32 Digimon forms pulled from every Digimon series ranging from Digimon Adventure to Digimon Fusion. Players control these digital monsters and battle for supremacy in the main Versus Battle mode that players of all skill levels will be able to pick up and enjoy.

By powering up in battle, players can Digivolve into a much more powerful form, creating a unique combat atmosphere where players must balance attacking and simultaneously attempt to Digivolve and gain the upper hand. Utilizing special techniques during matches such as activating a Digimon’s “Evolution” power-up along with employing an aggressive attack or defensive strategy will provide colorful and exciting party-arena gameplay so that Digimon fans of all ages can face-off against rivals and become a true Digimon hero!

(Trailer coming soon!)

DIGIMON All-Star Rumble is out Fall 2014 on PS3 and Xbox 360. Get ready to be a champion again!

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Digimon Cosplay from MCM Expo 2013

Thanks to those who got photo’s of me and my friend!

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Digimon Adventure 02- Hikari Yagami (Erika Aoi)

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