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Sora Takenouchi_Cosplay by SoraTsukushi


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Digimon Tamarz

Matsuda Takato

松田启人 : S-JUN
基尔兽: 多多



WB 刚开始玩!WB的小伙伴们带带我!

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Digimon Cosplay Shooting // Spring 2014 - with [x] & [x]

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Digimon Adventure- Live Action Cosplay (Dreams Never End)



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Digimon Adventure Angewomon and Wizardmon skit

We don’t know what they’re saying, but we know whats happening….

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I love Sundays at AnimeNext because here you can see that Digimon and Pokemon can get along just fine.

I call Animenext Sundays as Digisundays because its the Digimon vs Pokemon soccer match and every year there are more Digimon cosplays than any other day or to the cons that i go to.

Sundays are great

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do people even care about digimon cosplay anymore

This blog does.

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Digimon Adventure-Metalgarurumon (mahdi kidd)

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Photoshoot at #Expotaku2014 
Cosplay grupal de Digimon Frontier
(De izq. a der)
Koichi: @cuqui_msk
Takuya: @saenzei
Kouji: @jcrodriguezh

Photographer: @wilocontreras GRACIAS!
Taken at March 30, 2014.
#Flawless #EpicPhotoshoots #Digimon #Cosplay #BuenosRecuerdos :’D

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Cosplayed as Sora from Digimon. Made the Costume myself. Digivice made by Stefie. Picture Taken by Logan. Couldn’t bind my chest so… yeah haha

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